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Company Profile
       Shenzhen Deep -Control Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. is a high -tech enterprise in the new energy vehicle field that integrates R & D, production, sales, and serving. The company is located in Yungu Innovation Industrial Park of Shenzhen University Town, and the surrounding talents are gathered, full of romantic humanities and technology atmosphere.
       The company has a technical research and development and professional technical service team with exquisite technology, innovation and rapid response. The team members have rich experience in the new energy vehicle industry, and have a deep understanding of the current status and development direction of automotive electrification of automobiles at home and abroad. Following the industry benchmarks and continuously exploring the practice in product iteration and technological progress, forming a set of mature new energy sources Automobile system product system.
       Be“Reliable quality, high -quality service, cooperation and win -win situation”The core business philosophy, the company is committed to becoming a new energy vehicle power system solution expert, providing customers with new energy vehicle system solutions and core components. The main products include AC asynchronous motor/permanent magnet synchronous motor and controller, vehicle controller, high -voltage power distribution box, electric air pump and electric aid pump, battery management system, battery box, electronic gear replacement, GPRS, DC/DC,,, DC/DC, Insulation monitor, high and low voltage cable beam, etc.
       Sumcont technology, new energy vehicle power system solution expert!