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Maintenance service
    The company has a special after -sales service department, and has more high -quality service personnel to handle various service requirements for users. Users have no worries and obtain high -quality all -round services and guidance.
1. Free guidance installation and debugging:
    In the process of installation of our company's products, our company will send personnel to provide on -site services for free, assist users to solve relevant technical problems, and install and debug the factory equipment with users. For technical problems caused by our company's product quality, our company will solve it in time; for the problems caused by the user's own technical conditions or design negligence, our company's technical service staff will try to assist users to solve it. 
2. Provide perfect equipment technical information for free:
    At the same time as the device is leaving the factory, our company will provide users with detailed technical materials and technical parameters of the factory equipment, and assist users to analyze and digest relevant materials, so as to fully grasp the characteristics and performance of the equipment.
3. Response treatment within 24 hours:
    After receiving the failure notice, our company arranges the technical personnel as soon as possible to guide the solution by the phone; if the telephone guidance cannot be resolved, our company's technical service personnel will arrive at the scene within 24 hours to ensure that the product work is normal.
4. Three packages of the shelf life, lifelong maintenance:
    There are quality problems during the warranty period, and the company implements three packages, repaired, packed, and retreat. After the warranty period expires, if the user needs to repair and replace the equipment, our company can also arrange personnel to go, only cost costs.
5. Training for users' operators and maintenance personnel for free:
    After the equipment production process or the device is delivered, our company conducts free training on the user's operators and maintenance personnel. The number of training persons is designated by the user. Teachers are all experienced engineers in our company.
6. Provide spare parts at any time:
    Provide a certain number of spare parts during the warranty period. After the warranty period expires, the spare parts required for maintenance are provided at the factory price.
7. Provide technical support for long -term free:
    For users who purchase our products, they provide technical support for free for a long time, and provide the best upgrade solution when the user needs to provide the device. Users can maximize the use of existing equipment saving expenses to complete the system upgrade of the system upgrade Transformation.